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A Slave's New Purpose (4/?)
It’s looking at me again. Arthur gawked at the immense creature on the other side of the fence. The purple dragon was taller than the guards, larger than anything he had ever seen, cloaked in some sort of vibrant violet garment. It appeared almost frantic as it had stepped forward, backward, turned around, and started gagging into the bushes. Arthur could have sworn that its pupils disappeared for a moment. Arthur eyed as it peered over its shoulder at him. From the contorted look on its face, it looked like it was struggling not to vomit. Was it sick, or did he smell that bad?
Without prompting, the image of a deranged dragon bursting through a flimsy chain fence lept into Arthur’s mind, and he was on his feet before he had time to think. It was a mere fifteen paces away from him, only a few strides for the large reptile. He had to act quickly, but not so fast as to startle it. A few of the slaves had suffered from a mind-plague a few years past, and it had reduced
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A Slave's New Purpose (3/?)
“What do you mean, you weren’t listening?”
“I mean, I wasn’t, you know, there for the speech. I had a vision.”  The excuse sounded even worse out loud. “Sorry, Trish.”
Atricia’s scowl gave way to slight annoyance. “Well, I suppose I can’t fault you for that.  How much did you miss?”
“Pretty much everything from when you stepped up to the podium until I was pushed onto the stage,” Oriana shrugged. “What happened? And when did you get back to town?”
The two of them were seated at a small diner just outside the city’s central walls, out of the way of the bustling market districts, but still a safe distance from the dense trees that surrounded the city. It had only been a few hours since the meeting had adjourned, but the familiar vibrant colors of robed spellcasters had returned to flood the streets. Oriana ordered a light lunch while Atricia filled her in on the details
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A Slave's New Purpose (2/?)
“You know damn well that I’m the perfect candidate for the job!” Erwin shouted over the cacophony of booming voices. Hundreds of dragons stood around them in the courtyard, all angrily competing to be the loudest voice in the crowd. Thankfully, Council regulations dictated that all dragons must remain “upright”, or in their smaller, humanoid forms, for the duration of Council meetings. Otherwise, the din thundering from the gathered dragons could have leveled trees.
Oriana glared down at the orange dragon amongst the sea of her peers, standing almost a head taller than most of the dragons in attendance. She had wanted to avoid involvement in the deafening chaos, but someone had to teach this fool a lesson, and everyone else seemed preoccupied in their own quarrels. “Like hell you are! The only position for a bootlicker like you is the janitor!”
“Like you’d be able to do any better!” Erwin sneered, clenched fists sticking out o
:iconmichaelarchangelus:MichaelArchangelus 17 24
The Script of the Almighty
In the Beginning:
In the Beginning, there was the One. The One was, always had been, and always will be. The One spoke, and Light was formed. From this Light, the One formed reality, and from reality, all else was created. The One created Dominus from the Light, the First Watcher. Following Dominus came the other Watchers, the Archangels and the Celestial host, and the Heavens that housed them. The One then formed the Living World and all that exists within it. This Living World thrived in the Light, and from the Light, Mortals were created, beings of both body and soul. But with the creation of Light, there was also Darkness, and from that Darkness slithered the Abyss.
In the shadow of the world, the Abyss festered in its jealousy of the Material plane, and sought to destroy it, but the Almighty’s light was too powerful to combat. The denizens of the Abyss were driven back by the divine energy, so they sought to corrupt the hearts of Mortals, beings with the capacity for both li
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Drakean Myths and Legends: The Seven Sages
Drakean Myths and Legends, Volume II: The Legend of Seven Sages
Compiled by Arthur McKinley and Kippen Dür, published by the Altrean University
(Dr. Arthur McKinley, professor of Ancient Religions at the Altrean University)
(Dr. Kippen Dür, professor of Drakean History and Culture at the Altrean University)
The following is a series of legends about the origins of the Drakean Council, the Drakean Capital city, and possibly the widening of the gaps between schools of magic. Many sources were used in this compiling, but the stories recorded, like all books of myth and legend, are not to be taken at face value. Rather, this book is written as a tool, in hopes that we can learn from these stories to decipher how Drakean Society advanced, and to examine the possible origins of many aspects in their culture.
As previously discussed in Drakean Myths and Legends, Volume I: The Origin of Dragons, dragons were “rediscovered” by a group of researchers travelin
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Happy Birthday! by MichaelArchangelus Happy Birthday! :iconmichaelarchangelus:MichaelArchangelus 5 12
A Slave's New Purpose: A Brief History of Dragons
The dragons in this universe are naturally capable of changing size with their magical abilities. They are able to comfortably stay either size for long periods of time, although this wasn't always the case. Normally reclusive and territorial creatures, dragons began as large predators that used their magic to hunt large prey in order to sustain their huge bodies. While they are omnivorous, the heavily wooded area they inhabited grew very few edible plants, and berries and fruit were a rare delicacy. Over time, dragons formed a peaceful tribal society in a large forested region of the planet, thick with wildlife and magical energies. Large, simple family homes were constructed miles away from one another, occasionally found in clusters of two or three when a family grew large enough. However, interaction with other dragons remained limited, and families generally stayed small in order to not over-hunt the local wildlife.
This was up until the first dragons interacted with humanoids, in
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TheDragonArtists Group Icon Entry by MichaelArchangelus TheDragonArtists Group Icon Entry :iconmichaelarchangelus:MichaelArchangelus 3 9
A Slave's New Purpose (1/?)
Arthur stared at the fence, just as he had done every day for as long as he could remember. He stared past the metal links to the road and the sparse forest beyond, barely paying the fence any attention. It was made of rusty cross-hatched barbed wire, just over ten feet tall and topped with spiraling razor metal that would tear any would-be escapees to shreds. To Arthur, a slave who had been born and raised inside the compound, it was a wall, a barrier between him and freedom. Today, Arthur gazed past the fence, barely seeing the jagged metal that kept him trapped. He watched the outside world, the world he never knew, with an intense longing the ached him to the core. Today, he would see it. No matter what it cost him.
For as long as he could remember, Arthur had wanted to leave the compound that he was born and raised in. Not long after his birth, his parents were sold off to who-knows-where, and he had grown up without much connection to the other residents in the compound. It wasn&
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A Pirate's Life For Me
The wood before you explodes into a shower of splinters. You hit the deck, the rough wood of the ship’s planks hard against your aching knees. The tattered remains of clothing that hang from your arms and legs do little to protect your body from wooden shrapnel or the chill of the wet sea air. In moments, you’re back on your feet with gritted teeth, barely noticing the violent shifting of the boat beneath you. The storm could not have come at a worse time. Something wet and sticky covers the left side of your face. You reach to wipe it away and your hand comes back red. Blood, but it isn’t yours. A comrade lay facedown on the deck mere feet from you, pumping scarlet lifeblood all over the wood you’ve spent hours scrubbing. The cannonball must have missed you by a hand’s breadth at most. The poor fool on the deck wasn’t so lucky.
You reach down to the side of the doomed man and finagle his sword from its sheathe. The polished metal gleams in the dim,
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Get off my property! by MichaelArchangelus Get off my property! :iconmichaelarchangelus:MichaelArchangelus 44 32
The Boy in the Pantry (4/4)
"How does that sound?"
Ezekiel stared back at the dragon’s golden eyes, the words registering slowly in his head. After everything he had been through, all the days spent cowering in darkness, and his ticket home had been sitting just below the floorboards, and he hadn’t had the slightest clue. The dragon tilted his head, waiting expectantly. “I- Yes! Yes, please, that would be amazing!” Ezekiel eagerly stepped towards the dragon, his previous reservations eclipsed by the hope of returning home.
“I figured you would. If you would just help me answer a few questions, I could make the necessary arrangements to send you home in just a few minutes, if you’d like. Is something wrong, Eliza?” Bob asked, looking away from Ezekiel to his daughter.
Ezekiel followed his gaze, but the female dragon was looking away from him, her face hidden from view. “No, it’s nothing. I-” Her voice cracked. She swallowed. “I’m fine.”
:iconmichaelarchangelus:MichaelArchangelus 31 78
The Boy in the Pantry (3/4)
Ezekiel woke with a stretch, looking around the enormous bedroom. Early sunlight streamed into the room from the open shutters over the window behind him, softly lighting the cozy room. Ezekiel turned to see that his roommate was sitting up and resting against the shuttered window behind her bed. He wasn’t surprised to see that she was totally engrossed by a book in her hands, and she hadn’t noticed that he had woken up. Every morning since Eliza had found him, Ezekiel had woken to find her reading quietly to herself, enjoying one of the dozens of books she had scattered about the room.
Not wanting to disturb the dragon, Ezekiel silently began stretching his various muscles. He did it more out of habit than anything else, since he was still used to sleeping on the hard floor, and the daily ritual helped ease the pain on his aching muscles. Noticing his movement, Eliza tucked one of the corners of the pages on her novel inward, closing the books and smiling at him.
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Deity of Social Media by MichaelArchangelus Deity of Social Media :iconmichaelarchangelus:MichaelArchangelus 2 7
The Boy in the Pantry (2.5V/4): DRAGON VORE
*This is a direct continuation of "The Boy in the Pantry Part 2," and has no effect on the story as a whole aside from letting Eliza and Ezekiel share a rather intimate moment. Again, I would personally recommend hitting the little paragraph symbol up on the top right, it makes it a little easier on the eyes.*
Over the past few weeks, Ezekiel had thought of the dragons as unfamiliar, foreign creatures that should be avoided, and in that way, he had been truly alone in the world for almost a month. But now the dragon was giving him an opportunity to leave all of that behind. She was offering him something that he needed more than anything else right now: to be his friend. He was still afraid of meeting her family, but he wouldn’t go back to living alone. He couldn’t. He had an absolute, feral need for someone to talk to. Eliza had given him a taste of companionship, and now that he had
:iconmichaelarchangelus:MichaelArchangelus 46 37
The Boy in the Pantry (2/4)
**I would personally recommend hitting the little paragraph symbol up on the top right, it makes it a little easier on the eyes.**
It’s in here, IT IS IN HERE WITH YOU,’ Ezekiel’s instincts screamed warnings at him as he struggled to remain calm. He remained completely motionless, breathing slowly and carefully as his heart fluttered out of control. He wasn’t sure if the dragon could see him from this angle, since he didn’t have a good view of the doorway, but he didn’t dare risk checking. The slightest movement or sound could catch the dragon’s attention. His heart hammering in his chest seemed to punctuate the silence as he heard the dragon’s voice cut through the small room’s stuffy air.
“Mom, where’d you put the cookies?” She boomed. There was a pause. “Moooom?” She called again, impatient. Ezekiel couldn’t stand it any longer. He peeked over his shoulder and could see that the cereal b
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Commission - Soh by AniutqaART Commission - Soh :iconaniutqaart:AniutqaART 63 2 Anatomy of a Dragon by artwork-tee Anatomy of a Dragon :iconartwork-tee:artwork-tee 219 27 -commission- Sepia-Mortis by StressedJenny -commission- Sepia-Mortis :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 5,364 300 Dragon by chirun Dragon :iconchirun:chirun 1,018 0 Ace Night King by chirun Ace Night King :iconchirun:chirun 1,209 0 Dragon Rider by chirun Dragon Rider :iconchirun:chirun 3,438 0 Commission: The Summoner by chirun Commission: The Summoner :iconchirun:chirun 1,646 49 Symmetra (Overwatch) Halloween Skin by chirun Symmetra (Overwatch) Halloween Skin :iconchirun:chirun 12,239 0 Daily Paint #669. Falcor by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #669. Falcor :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,212 148 Daily Paint #676. Hairrrry Babyyyy by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #676. Hairrrry Babyyyy :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,068 239 Daily Paint 1285. NESsie by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1285. NESsie :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,072 170 Daily 1347. Geeko by Cryptid-Creations Daily 1347. Geeko :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,791 199 Daily Paint 1467. Orca-rina of Time by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1467. Orca-rina of Time :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,134 119 Daily Painting 1668# - Charwizard by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1668# - Charwizard :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,351 133 Daily Painting 1733# Monster Shop - Gorgon by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1733# Monster Shop - Gorgon :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,401 406 Daily Painting 1729# Game of Drones by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1729# Game of Drones :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,385 159


I would like to start off by saying this is an extremely detailed piece. The light outlines and highlights on the edges of the blades, ...

The amount of detail you put into the scales is fantastic. It looks like you took the time to give each individual scale on its head a ...




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That being said, feel free to let me know what you think about anything I've done, or any tips you might have about art/writing. Any and all feedback is welcome, since I'd really like to improve as a writer/artist. All comments are welcome!

On a side note, I think dragons are freaking adorable and I would SO love to hug one. Favorite dragons include: Toothless (and all Night Furies in general), Smaug, Ancalagon the Black, Goomy, Dragonair, Latios/Latias, Charizard, Sapphira (Inheritance Cycle), Ninian, Nowi, Nah, and Grima (Fire Emblem), and Ferrovax (from the Dresden Files).

I'm sure I'll eventually get around to posting some of my traditional art, but until then, I a few digital art pieces, and some dragon stories for you to read!

Feel free to comment/note me about writing or dragons or whatever!

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